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Galol Olleria certificate

 Galol Olleria certificate

Quality and environmental policy







Galol S.A. is a Spanish coating company that treats metallic and no metallic surfaces with thermic and superficial treatments delivered by its clients, also develops treatments in order to improve its anticorrosive functional or decorative characteristics. Galol goal is as much the satisfaction of its clients as the profitability of its resources, which is the key to grow and the company continuity..


We want to be:

  - Acknowledge as a coating surfaces referent in the Spanish market.

  - Technologic partners for our clients, giving solutions for their needs and expectations, in a fast, profitable and safe way.

  - Profitable even in adverse conditions.

  - Participants on the solution changes for the surfaces treatments.

Galol, S.A. is aware of how important is the clients satisfaction, safety and the health of all the employees and also the environment protection, Galol undertakes to develop, implement and keep a Quality and Environment Management integrated System, following the UNE-EN ISO 9001/IATF 16949 – ISO 14001 rule requisites, in order to assure the compliance of this policy at its L’Olleria (Valencia) and San Andreu (Barcelona) plants.

Galol, S.A. management team, declares that the Quality and Environment policy adequate to the context and strategic direction of the organization and that provide the frame of reference for the quality and environment goal definition, and that it is based in:


  - Clear priorities: CLIENT, SHAREHOLDER and STAFF.

  - Efficiency and effectiveness of the service that it is offered and reactivity. Counting on the human resources and the tools and material that adequate the job implementation.

  - Honesty and transparency, promoting trust and loyalty of our clients.

  - Engagement and a proud company.

  - Strict compliance la applicable normative, as well as other requirements that Galol, its clients and other interested parts, will subscribe, involve, in order to achieve, all together, the staff and the supplier.

  - Respect for the employee as a person: active listen, transparency motivation, intern promotion, with one goal: the commitment of all the implicated person, and to develop a participative management that will seize everyone ability.

  - Teamwork.

  - Professionalism and excellence in all our actions and products.

  - Engagement of the management system continued improvement in order to improve itself performance.

  - Decision-making based on data.

  - Engagement with the environment protection, including pollution prevention, doing our activities in a way that minimize the environmental impacts, by a resources sustainable use.

Furthermore, we assure that we understand, and well implement and keep this policy in all the organization levels and that it will be available to all person interested.